Angular 2 is getting a rewrite, but there’s still no support for AngularJS 1

On the heels of Google’s announcement of the new version of Angular 2, I got a chance to spend some time with the new API and I had a couple of questions for Google.

The first one was how Angular 2 was getting a new rewrite and how Angular 1 is going to continue to support Angular 2.

In the first place, Google has a very clear goal in its announcement: it wants to make sure that the developer community has access to the latest Angular API.

So what’s the plan for the developer ecosystem?

Google doesn’t give a lot of details on what that will look like, but it looks like a big change.

Google is hoping to roll out the rewrite to a “small number” of projects within the developer and product teams.

Google says that the rewrite will “improve the performance of AngularJS applications, and ensure developers are always working with the latest version of the Angular ecosystem.”

I guess this is an attempt to get more people to switch over to AngularJS 2 so they can enjoy the performance improvements of the API, but I can’t imagine Google is going that far.

Google seems to be targeting AngularJS development teams with the rewrite.

Google also noted that developers are going to be able to upgrade to Angular 2 on a “case-by-case basis.”

That means that, if you’re a developer who’s building a web app, you’ll still be able update to Angular 1.

Google doesn, however, seem to be taking the long view on how this will affect Angular 2 and Angular 1 users.

Google sees the Angular 1 API as “the most popular and widely deployed platform” for Angular development.

Google’s Angular 2 API is “part of the same ecosystem” and will be “built from the ground up to deliver the best possible experience for developers and app owners.”

Angular 1, on the other hand, is “the foundation for a wide range of popular and popular mobile web applications.”

Google sees Angular 1 as “an open platform for developers, but the core of this platform is based on Angular 2.”

It seems like Google is making the same point with Angular 2: the developers who have the most experience with Angular 1 and are willing to migrate to Angular 0 are the ones that will get the most benefit from the rewrite, and they’ll also be the ones who can upgrade to the new Angular 2 version.

This doesn’t sound like a bad plan to me, but as with Angular 0, it’s unclear what the plan is for Angular 2 users.

Angular 1 has a lot more features and a lot less complexity than Angular 2 does.

The reason that developers prefer Angular 1 over Angular 2 has to do with the different types of apps that use the same framework.

Angular 0 offers more features, like the ability to use the Angular CLI and Webpack, but its more complex than Angular 1’s.

So, when Google announced Angular 1 in June, it did so with the idea that the new APIs were going to improve developer experience.

The new APIs are supposed to make it easier to build a new Angular application.

The Angular 2 team is hoping that developers will get a new API that offers more capabilities than the one that came before it, like Webpack integration, caching, and so on.

However, while Google is saying that the Angular 2 community is going through a rewrite right now, it isn’t saying what that rewrite will look or look like.

Google has also not said what the new features of the rewrite are going for.

Google said that the “next version of this API will be fully backwards compatible, but for now, we are still focused on building the Angular team’s best-in-class solutions.”

Google is, however: “Building an API that is backward compatible is a great thing for the Angular community.”

Google doesn

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