Fox Sports hires Front End Web Developer for FOX Sports 1-2

Front End Developer jobs for FOX SPORTS 1-3 are now open.

We’re recruiting Front End Developers for FOX Sport 1-1, FOX Sports 2-1 and FOX Sports 3-1.

Our front end developer positions are currently focused on FOX Sports Networks, FOX Sport 2, FOX SPORTS 3 and FOX SPORTS 4,, and

The FOX Sports Front End Development Engineer position is located in Austin, TX.

We are looking for a Front End JavaScript Developer who has experience with ReactJS, AngularJS and Node.js.

A Front End Javascript Developer with experience in web development is ideal.

We are looking to fill this position in Austin.

You will be responsible for building a front end application that integrates with FOX Sports’ FOX Sports apps and services.

The Front End developer will be working in an AngularJS environment.

Responsibilities of the Front End Engineer include: · Designing, writing, coding, testing and debugging web applications for FOXSportsApp and · Working with other developers on the Frontend development team to deliver the front end to FOXSports app and FOX2/FNC apps · Working on Front End application that interacts with the FOX Sports app and provides functionality similar to the front end website.

· Developing, deploying and testing the frontend application · Working closely with the FrontEnd team to make sure the application is stable and reliable.

This position is available in Austin and New Orleans, Louisiana.

We currently have 3 positions available for Front End web developers.

Interested in a Frontend Developer job?

Visit to learn more.

Fox Sports FrontEnd Developer JobLink: https://foxsportsjobs.comFoxSports.Com

Development Is Supported By

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