How to Build a Website that Makes Money, But Doesn’t Really Do Anything… [Interview]

By Mike Pannotti | January 15, 2016 7:15amI think we’ve all had that feeling when we were young, we’d get that feeling of ‘this is what we should do.’

I know it’s tough to do this thing for a living, but if I can do it for a day, it’s like a miracle.

It feels good to have that power, because I feel like we can do anything we want with it.

The one thing that I think is a bit different about it is it’s not like I have a contract or anything like that.

It’s not something that’s like, ‘I’m going to sign this and you’re going to pay me.’

It’s more like, “I’m willing to do what you want me to do, and you can have me do it.”

It’s like my own personal agent or something like that, but with this site, I’ve got this huge, blank canvas.

It just happens to be an online forum, it just happens that we’re all connected, and it just doesn’t matter what kind of technology we use.

So what’s my motivation?

Well, it has to do with money.

It does have to do also with how I feel about the business I’m in, because this is a website that I’m creating and I’m selling.

The way it works now, I have to be able to keep my costs low, because it costs a lot of money to do the work, and I can’t make that money if I’m not able to sell my work.

So what I’m trying to do is create a business that can make a profit for me.

So far, it hasn’t been easy, but I think I’m doing okay.

I think the way I’ve been doing it is that I’ve done a lot more design and testing, and then I’ve put it online, and people have been kind of impressed with it, and they’re asking me questions about it, because there’s so many different options out there.

It can be a good resource for people to look into, and we’re just trying to build it into the way we do business.

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