How to get a job in Java in 2018

The web developer job market is set to be dominated by Java developers this year, according to a report from the IT professional staffing agency Cascadia.

Cascadia has identified more than a million jobs across the globe, with Java developers accounting for roughly 70 per cent of those positions.

However, a number of major employers have been taking a different approach to Java developers, and are opting to bring Java to the front of their recruitment processes.

“As a large part of the Java industry, Java has historically been considered a ‘bridge’ to the rest of the software industry,” said Cascadian chief executive Paul Mancini.

“While it is not the first or the only technology to make its way into the workplace, Java continues to have a significant impact on many other aspects of the IT workforce, from business development to the production of software.”

Jobs in Java have become increasingly popular in the last few years.

“Java is an extremely flexible and flexible technology, with the ability to support many different use cases,” said Mancinis.

“It’s also very adaptable and has many potential uses in many different industries.”

In the coming years, Java will continue to become a valuable resource for IT workers, as employers continue to embrace Java and move to more open and flexible programming environments.

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