Israel says it is looking into whether US-Israeli relationship is damaged by anti-Semitic attacks

An Israeli military spokesman said on Friday that Israeli military intelligence had received information that a number of anti-Israel protesters in Israel had hurled stones at a US embassy building and a US diplomatic mission.

The statement, made by Brigadier-General Yaakov Amidror, said that the Israeli security forces had been alerted about the incident in the eastern city of Eilat, where at least two anti-Israeli protesters had hurled rocks at the US embassy and consulate.

The IDF had been informed by the US Embassy in Eilats consulate and consulates in Israel that a group of anti -Israel protesters had targeted an Israeli consulate building and an American diplomatic mission in Ein Sheva on Thursday evening.

A number of demonstrators threw rocks and firecrackers at the consulate, and some protesters threw Molotov cocktails at the building and US Embassy, Brigadier General Amidror said in a statement. 

“The IDF has been informed about this incident, which occurred in Einar Sheva, in Einyeh and Einyemim,” the statement said.

“The US Embassy has been evacuated.

The consulate and US Consulate in Einsheva were evacuated, and a number, including the consulate in Eiyat and consulate in Etzion, were attacked.

The IDF has a strong response force in place and will be able to take the necessary measures to prevent any further escalation in this situation.”

The embassy said in an emailed statement that the embassy in Israel was “shocked” by the incident and that the staff there were “very shocked”.

The incident comes at a time when tensions between Israel and the United States have risen in recent weeks amid escalating tensions over Iran’s nuclear programme and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

On Friday, a video emerged showing a group chanting anti-US slogans at a protest in Tel Aviv.

The video appeared to show a young man shouting the slogan as he was escorted away by police officers. 

In recent weeks, a number that has been associated with anti-Semitism, including a number who marched in a protest last year in which some protesters burned the US flag, have also taken to the streets in Teledan, Haifa and the northern city of Netanya, in an apparent response to the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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