Junior web developer salaries: Denver-area jobs

Denver-based developer Chris Hensley has been looking for a new job since August 2016.

He decided to leave his job at an accounting firm to focus on his dream of becoming a web developer.

“It was a very good move, I was looking for something different,” Hensler said.

“I felt like it was a great opportunity, and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.”

Henslers resume was spotty in its list of experience, and he had not been paid by the company that hired him, but he did get a promotion.

“That was a really nice move,” Honsley said.

After a couple of months of working from home, Hensleys resume began to pick up traction and eventually landed him a position with a large consulting firm in Denver.

“They told me that they wanted me to stay on at that firm and be a part of their team,” Hinsley said, noting that he was able to find another position after his promotion.

Hensles resume included some technical experience in his role at the consulting firm, but that didn’t prepare him for what was ahead.

Hinsleys new role at that consulting firm would be the first of many, he said.

He said he was hired to do a web development internship in September 2016 and then left the firm in September 2017.

“A few weeks later, I got an email from someone that had hired me saying that they needed me to help them with their website development,” Hines said.

Hentsley said he started working on the site of a local non-profit group in the fall of 2017, and eventually he started work on the website of the organization’s board of directors.

Hines resume also listed a few years of experience in web development and web development consulting, but Hens is quick to point out that he didn’t work on any of those projects.

“Most of the time, I worked on web development projects that I had no experience in, so it’s a lot of people that I worked with,” Hints said.

A few weeks after Hins came back from the site, he was called in to work with the organization and then started working with them as an in-house web developer in 2018.

Hinks new gig with the nonprofit board was not as much of a new challenge as it was something he had done before.

Hints first started working in the industry in 2003, but before that he had been involved in several different roles in the software development industry, including web developer, network administrator, security engineer, and network engineer.

Hains first got involved with the consulting industry as a web engineer when he joined the Denver-Denver Metro Area Network and Communications Authority in 2004.

He worked on the network for several years, before he was fired in 2010.

Hissles first job at the nonprofit was working on a website for a local charity and he quickly found a job there.

“We were looking for someone to build the website,” Hissll said.

It was a small site, and it was only about 15 pages long.

“Then I had a couple people there and we were getting really good results, so we moved onto the next person,” Hips said.

In 2012, Hiss was hired by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment to work on a new website for the agency, which was created to be more user-friendly.

HISS continued working for the organization until 2015, when he was given a position as a site administrator.

“After that, I did a little bit of work for them on the web side of things,” Higs new position at the department did not include much of the traditional work of a web designer or developer.

Instead, Hins was tasked with building the organization website and managing the website’s website development.

Hips first job was with the Colorado Agency for Health and Development, which is a nonprofit that is funded through federal and state grants.

Higs work with agencies like Colorado Department for Environmental Quality and Colorado Department Of Natural Resources was mostly focused on site development, but there were times when he would help with the website as well.

“The website was a huge pain,” Hides said.

The department of environmental quality website is still up and running, but the agency had to switch to a new CMS, which made it harder to update the site.

Hids site did not look like a normal website.

It featured an image of a large black square on the left side of the page, with a number in red, a green checkmark, and an arrow to go to the next page.

“For some reason, the web site didn’t look like what we were used to, so I thought I would try to figure out how it works, and that’s how I came up with the logo,” Hiscles said.

His next job was in the Colorado department of energy’s website department, which also uses a

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