The Lad is back, and he’s not happy about it.

A little-known website with a pretty, colorful banner headline, The Lad was one of the first sites to introduce JavaScript in the wild, a relatively new technology that allows a site to manipulate and render HTML documents in the browser.

But, the Lad was also one of a handful of websites that started to make money off of the concept of “JavaScript” back in 2004. 

The Lad, or “the King,” is one of those websites, and it was one that, at the time, was profitable.

The Lad website was one example of a few websites that had a business model that made them a major part of the internet’s $30 billion economy.

The business model, in other words, was a little like what we’d call “pay to play.”

The Lad’s business model allowed the website to pay developers to create a program that ran on the site, which in turn made it very profitable. 

In 2006, the site was purchased by a group of investors who were hoping to build a digital empire out of the business model.

The original owners of the site sold the company in 2008 to a group led by a former Microsoft executive.

That company was renamed The King, and today The King is a different entity.

The King still owns the website, but now it’s run by a different group of people. 

Today, the King is one man, and his name is Chris Saucier. 

While Saucieres job has changed a little over the years, his career in tech has remained mostly the same.

He has a PhD in computer science and a few years of experience working for a company that specialized in helping startups develop their own web applications.

The King’s website is still online, but he has been working on his own startup since 2008. 

When I interviewed him in 2014, he told me that he had no idea how big his company would be in 2020.

That year, he said, the team was still only about five people, and “the only thing we really had going was the business.”

That was, until he was hired by a new company, which had acquired The King’s business and renamed itself “Yardbird.”

The King is still a bit of an unknown figure.

His LinkedIn page, however, tells a different story.

He was once a well-known tech journalist, with a large following of over 400,000 followers.

In 2015, Sauciere said that he “was a fairly well-respected journalist and writer” who “wrote a lot of great tech stories for publications like Wired.”

In the same year, Sincieres wrote an article for the New York Times about the “pipeline to the future” for tech startups.

“In the future, the best way to find out about startups is to read about them in the Times,” he wrote.

“The Times has become a conduit for the kind of data that we need.”

In 2016, The King started a new business called, which he described as “a data analytics company.”

According to the site’s bio, Zomats “data science and business intelligence solutions help businesses, governments and individuals analyze data to deliver insights into the business environment, market dynamics and more.” 

Zomato has since been acquired by a competitor, but the King has remained a partner and investor in Zomatos startup. 

Despite the company’s history of making money off the idea of “javascript,” the King told me his new venture is different.

In addition to helping the King create Zomatz, Zomeo, and Zomazos, he is also “bringing together the best people from his past and his present to help us realize the vision for Zomaza,” according to his bio. 

“The King and his team are bringing together the world’s top developers to work on a new version of Zomazo,” he told The Lad. 

Zomeo and Zomeazos have since launched their own app,

The site is still in development, but its interface looks a lot like’s interface. 

If the King wants to do the same, he can sign on to the same GitHub account that he used to start Zomeax.

Zomazo has also launched an app, called which was originally named before it was renamed. 

According to its Facebook page, ZOMAZO is “a community of people building new, unique experiences for the world of Zombot.” 

The King, in a follow-up interview with me, said that Zombazos app is a “tremendous improvement” over Zomay. 

But that’s not the same as the King making money from Zomaiz.

I asked the King if Zombuzos app was still under development. 

 “Yes,” he replied.

“There is a

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