‘Web Developer Icon’ Steve Jobs Interview – ESPN Crikey

A new interview with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, which aired on ESPNCrikey.com on Friday, was a big surprise for many.

In the interview, Jobs said that he was “not a fan” of the term “web development” and instead preferred to refer to the kind of software that runs apps, which can include web browsers and other software development tools. 

The interview was originally scheduled to air on Saturday, but was pushed back due to a copyright issue, which prevented ESPNCricInfo from republishing the article.

However, the interview is now available for viewing on the ESPN website.

In the interview with ESPN Cricket Insider, Jobs, who was born in Chicago, said he was not a fan of the terms “web developer”, “web” and “development” because they are not “traditional” or “industry” terms. 

“We don’t have to be ‘Web Developers’ to be successful,” he said.

“We can be the developers of things.

We don’t need to be a Web Developer.” 

“The idea of a ‘web developer’ is really an outdated notion,” he continued.

I think the word ‘web’ is used too loosely and I think it has a bad connotation,” he added. “

I don’t know how much of a good idea it is to call someone a web developer because they’re just sitting at home coding something, but I do know that the idea is that you’re the person who makes that happen.”

“I think the word ‘web’ is used too loosely and I think it has a bad connotation,” he added.

“That word has a negative connotation that I don’t think it should have.”

I would like to think that it’s not the word that we use anymore,” he concluded.

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