When you’re on the internet, you’re not just on the web but on a whole lot more

NANCY O. SCHLUMBERGER is the former chief executive of technology company Intuit, now a venture capital firm.

She is now a co-founder of a new startup called Re/code, which seeks to harness technology to make the world a better place.

Schultz, a member of the first generation of women to lead tech companies, said the gender gap in the field has grown so large, in part, because of the tech boom.

The “prestige and power of tech companies has opened the door for women to take advantage of those opportunities,” she said.

“I think we are now in a time when women are much more likely to be the ones that are taking those opportunities rather than the men.”

Schultz said the women she knows at the tech companies are eager to use their technology to help people.

She said they have been working with their engineers to develop “designs that are empowering and inclusive.”

Schmidt said she has noticed a huge shift in the way technology is being used by young women, as the world has gotten more digital and social.

“They’re much more comfortable using technology,” she explained.

“Now, they’re also using their skills to make people happy.”

Schulz said she is working to find ways for companies to help girls in STEM fields in the United States, where there are more opportunities to get in on the ground floor.

She wants to get the STEM education programs up and running so girls don’t have to do it on their own.

Development Is Supported By

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