Why You Shouldn’t Be Sitting Around Reading About Your Job as a Web Developer

The web is an amazing platform, but it’s also one of the most complicated to use.

We’ve broken down the basics and we’ve also got tips on how to get started and build a successful career as a web developer.


Choose a Platform That Can Help You Focus and Build More Successful Websites You can build websites that are awesome, but if you want to be successful in the industry, you need to know the platform that will help you achieve that goal.

In this article, we’ll break down which platforms are ideal for building successful websites and show you the best tools and resources for getting started today.


Get Your First Job Through an Independent Agency This article by Mashable provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for getting your first job through an independent agency.


Start Building Websites Now This article from Zazzle shows how to build a blog that’s worth reading for free.


Get Professional Design Services This article in Forbes shows how you can start building your own professional design portfolio right now.


Start Your Own Blog for Free This article on Medium shows you how to start your own personal blog for free right now using WordPress.


Start Creating Your Own Websites with Free Tools and Content This article is for anyone starting their own website, but you can also build a custom WordPress site that is free to start.


Get Paid for Your Blog This article about the Forbes Salary Report shows you exactly how much money you need per day to build your dream blog.


Build Your Own WordPress Blog for $5 per Month This article for Mashable shows you everything you need in one place.


Get Free Web Development Training from Web Development Expert This article shows you the basic step- by-step tutorial to get paid to learn how to develop a website.


Learn How to Use Google’s SEO Toolkit This article offers a step–by “How to Use SEO Toolkits” for free so you can quickly start building websites for free online.


Start Build Your First Website for Free at $5 Per Month This guide to building a free website at $10 per month by Business Insider gives you the basics to get going with your first website for free and it even includes some free tips to help you out with the process.


Learn the Top 10 Ways to Build Your Next Website for $1,000 by The Next Web This article covers the 10 most important tools to get the most out of building a website for under $1 in under a month.


Start Making Your Own Custom Webpages at $50 per Month by TechCrunch This article gives you a complete guide to customizing your website and then sharing it to help others build their own websites.


Learn All About Social Media Tools This article at The Atlantic shows you all the tools you need for building your first blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile for free by taking the plunge.


Start a Blog for Under $1 per Month with Free WordPress Tools This guide by Entrepreneur gives you everything to get you started on building a blog for under the cost of $1 a month with a few tips on the best ways to get it done.


Get Started Building Your Own Website at $1 Per Month by BusinessWire This article starts with an overview of the basics of building your website for just $1.99 a month and covers a lot of the tools and tools you’ll need to get a great start.


Build a Free Blog at $3 per Month for $2.99 per Month, with 30 Days of Free Training This article explains the steps you need and what you need as well as how to save $2 a day if you decide to get into web development.


Create Your First Blog for Just $10,000 with Free Online Training This post by BusinessWeek explains everything you’ll want to know to start building a profitable blog.


Start your First Website at Just $1 to Build a New Business with No Tools This post from Forbes gives a step by step guide to starting a business.


Create a Free WordPress Blog with No Tool or Tools This free guide from WordPress.org has everything you’d need to start creating your first WordPress blog.


Build A Free WordPress Site for Under 10,000 Users This post on Medium outlines everything you should do to start a new business, including a list of free tools to help.


Learn how to Create Your Own Social Media Account for Free and How to Build One Using Social Media Social Media is an awesome platform, especially for small businesses that can’t afford to pay a full-time professional to handle their business.

Learn more about how to create your own social media account with these steps and more.


Get your first free online course on building your business from Business Insider.

This article details the basics, tips

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